Cast (in alphabetical order)

Bobby Strong David C.
Caldwell B. Cladwell Jorel M.
Dancers Amy L.
  Hadera S.
Dr. Billeaux Chava R.
Hope Cladwell Lexi L.
Hot Blades Harry Jared A.
Josephine Strong Samantha S.
Little Becky Two Shoes Sari W.
Little Sally Johanna R.
Mr. McQueen Zev F.
Mrs. Millennium Shira T.
Officer Barrel Jordyn L.
Officer Lockstock Josh W.
Old Man Strong Jared A.
Penelope Pennywise Oksana P.
Robby the Stockfish Milana S.
Senator Fipp David R.
Soupy Sue Becky F.
The Poor / Rebels JJ G.
  Stan G.
  Daniel K.
  Damian M.
  Haley R.
  Rachel R.
  Sarah S.
Tiny Tom Elliot L.
UGC Staff Jessica L.